VideoMakerReviews helps consumers find the best platform for their video making needs. Our users come from various backgrounds including professional marketers, videographers, teachers, students, filmmakers, social media aficionados, and many more. They trust VideoMakerReviews to provide them with valuable information and trust their guidance in recommending the best video making platforms & software.

VideoMakerReviews provides you with an opportunity to drive traffic to your offer.
We do so in three ways:

  1. Get listed on the site!
    • Register and submit your video maker to our website.
    • There are a lot of video making platforms out there and we couldn’t find them all so if you would like to see your platform show up on our website register and submit your listing.
    • We allow you to write your own copy, include images and videos.
    • Our readers will have the opportunity to comment and rate your product.
  2. Sponsored placement
    • Have your platform be the first thing everyone sees by getting a banner displayed prominently in a variety of places on our website. You can design your own custom advertisement or our creative team will help you come up with an original ad designed for your business.
    • You can decide to have your ad featured as a banner that runs along the top of our page above the menu bar. Or displayed as a sidebar that will display on all of our pages.
    • You can also have your platform be listed as a featured platform on our website. A featured platform will always carry a corner ribbon wherever it shows on our website. You can choose between “Best Seller”, “Editors Choice”, “Best Value”, or come up with your own.
    • Payment for sponsored placement will be billed monthly and will remain as long as you want featured.
  3. Promoted Article
    • If you want to drive targeted, qualified traffic to your platform- this choice is best for you!
      After working closely with you to create the perfect promotional article we will promote it across content discovery platforms, social and google’s display network.
    • Doing so allows customers looking for a solution like yours to engage with your content, get educated and reach your platform when they are ready to purchase.
    • This is better than running ads yourself because it provides customers an opportunity to learn about your company in a neutral environment and get hot on your offer. We’ve discovered that it helps building trust because your messaging comes through a third party.
      Promoted articles can be run indefinitely and will depend on your ad budget.

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